Please note that the department uses the following criteria when selecting persons for employment:

• Our department is a member of the “Metropolitan York Police Testing Consortium” (MYPTC). This is a group of 13 police departments in York County that have come together in their hiring/testing practices. The applicant can take one test and an oral board review and be considered by all 13 police agencies. The hiring process for this test is only done once per year and is only given in a year when there is a demand by the departments to do so. If a test is given in that year, it is normally announced in late December or early January. Go online for more information at www.yorkpolicejobs.org

• Although this is not a requirement, to date, we have only hired candidates who have already been to a police academy and have their Act 120 police certification.

• Requirements for the police officer position in PA are listed on the website www.mpoetc.state.pa.us; (Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission).

• Opportunities will be posted on our web site as they become available