Crime Reports

We need your help! We need the eyes and ears of our residents to help make us a better community. For non-urgent concerns in your town or neighborhood, you may provide the police department with information via an e-mail message; allowing you to remain anonymous if you choose.

We recommend that you provide as much information as possible so that an officer can effectively deal with the issue. If your concern seems to go unaddressed and you provided the information to us anonymously, then you may be required to call an officer so that we may better address the problem. Please keep in mind we hope you decide to call us as this normally is the best way to deal with a problem. You can still remain anonymous even if you choose to have an officer contact you.

Please understand we try our best to respond quickly to all messages that we receive but we can’t promise an immediate response.

If you have a timely problem that needs addressed in the near future, please dial 911 and ask for the Southwestern Regional Police dispatcher. This number can be used for emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

We look forward to dealing with your problem together.